Why is everyone keeping up with the Jones’s?

Have you got a 106cm High Definition Flat Screen TV, or a car that costs half as much as a house. How many Televisions have you got and do you even know? Does your mobile phone take pictures, play music, and browse the internet? Well if your last name isn’t Jones, then why are you trying to keep up with them???

Have you ever stopped and thought about all of these needless possessions and conjured up a genuine reason why you have them? My theory is if you associate the word need with an item, it justifies the copious amount of money you just spent on it. I am constantly reminded about my spending’s and possessions as my mother was born in 1934 when these items were not available. She always says “We never had that when I was young. And we survived.” It would be great to be able to go in the back yard and gather your vegies, kill Betsy the chook, and cook dinner. Not me though. The very thought of killing something to eat makes me cringe with horror. I couldn’t eat that, but will happily buy one from the local butcher. And I do not want to know the details of how he got it to look that way. 

Mums generation learnt to be careful with money, whereas my generation throws it away. Some of my nephews and nieces are travelling down the fast lane quicker than I ever did. They are in the under 30 bracket, but have the Flat screen LCD TV, the flash car, and the fancy mobile phone. Sometimes I wonder if they are keeping up with the Joneses or is it just in their blood. They have been bought up with having everything and now its turned into a necessity. Can they even live without a gadget in their pocket or at least in close range. What happened to working your way up to all of this. 

Keeping up with the Joneses isn’t always as easy as it used to be. Everyone already has everything. Now its just a matter of how big or fast yours goes. My simple word of advice, and I am sure my mother would agree, is to hold onto your pennies because you may need them for that rainy day. Forget about the Joneses, and trying to keep up with them, because they are probably in debt up to their ears…

Think about things before you buy them. Ask yourself a few questions first. Why am I buying this product? Do I need it and why? Can I make do without it? Learn to distinguish between your needs and wants and do not buy something because your neighbour, Mr Jones has it. Even though you may be jealous about the new 30ft swimming pool or the mini home cinema, remember that these posessions will not bring you happiness. 


Comic By Gary Varvel
From the Cartoonist Group.


  1. heaps! says

    This is probably the biggest reason why people are in debt. Meaning that if one lives in a higher class neighbourhood, they feel the need to have what everyone else has. Perhaps it is because of fear of loss of ego or reputation among neighbours.

    One way to control your impulse buys is to wait a 24 hour period to see if the impulse subsides. If you still want the item and have thought through whether or not the item is really necessary, then you will probably purchase it after that time.

    I myself am from the younger generation but my parents have brought me up in a way so that I appreciate everything that I have (gadgets and electronics in particular). And if I ever have kids, knowing where the generation is going with new gadgets, I will make sure they earn and deserve something before they actually receive it.



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