What Food and Drink Can You Freeze to Save Money

Knowing what foods you can and can’t freeze can save you a huge amount of money. People waste food everyday by waiting until it is spoiled and then throwing it out. Most foods can be saved by freezing them before they go off!
Sliced Meat: Any sliced meats like ham, salami, chicken, etc can be frozen in small portions to use on sandwiches when needed.
Chicken: Break the roast chicken up, getting all the meat from the bone and freeze for sandwiches or maybe another meal. Store in an airtight container.
Toasted sandwiches: With the letover ham I make toasted ham and cheese sandwiches and freeze them. Now all the kids have to do is unwrap them and cook in a toasted sandwich machine.
Cakes/ Muffins / Buscuits: I freeze any cake, muffins, and most busicuts and when you bring them out to eat they still taste the same. This is handy when your family can’t eat the entire cake you have baked. Just simply wrap up the leftovers and bring them out when needed. We usually heat cake up in the microwave and add some fresh cream for a quick desert.
Cookie Dough: You know when you make your favourite choc chip cookies, why not make a bigger batch and freeze half. That way when you are busy you can quickly make cookies. Your family will think you are a magician, cooking up a batch that quick!
Cooked Rice / Noodles / mashed potato: Freeze any of these in an artight bag. I use a clip lock plastic bag with the air pushed out and flattened out for easy defrosting. It is really handy to pull out something to add to a meal that is almost ready for you to eat.
Premade meals: I usually have some simple meals that you just heat and eat for the kids to grab. Meals like spaghetti bolognaise, lasagne, cheesy noodles, curry and rice, and more..
Bread: I buy bread in bulk because you can get it for $1.00 a loaf, whereas the smaller corner store sells it for $3.00.
Potato chips: There are always leftover potato chips that go to waste. I freeze potato chips in clip lock bags and pull them out and put them in my kids school lunches. It is also cheaper to buy one big pack rather than the smaller individual packs.
Leftover softdrink / cordial: My kids are forever leaving half a cup cordial or soft drink around. It used to really annoy me, however now I make them an icey pole with it. Same with orange juice, coke, lemonade etc… Some people also make ice blocks for drinks. As long as it is just for yourselves, there is no chance of spreading germs.
Fruit: Bananas were continually going bad at my house until I decided to throw an entire bunch into the freezer. Now I pull a banana out and make an icey banana smoothy with it. I cook apples and freeze them or I just make an Apple Tea cake with them. You can put any fruit into a cake. You should experiment.. You can also make fruit smoothies and freeze into icy poles.. The kids love that!
Tomatoes: I usually freeze these to use in spaghetti sauce. Some people blanch them and peal the skin, however I don’t bother as I am going to wizz it up later.
Sandwiches: You can freeze ready made sandwiches for your kids lunches. I usually freeze vegemite, peanut butter, ham and cheese, chicken and cheese, chicken and mayo, and more…. Anything that doesn’t contain a salad item like tomato or lettuce.




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