What Do You Do With Unwanted Christmas Presents?

Obviously it’s not good when you get a Christmas present that you don’t really want. What are you meant to do, keep it? I know this sounds terrible, and people get really guilty about this, but how long are you meant to keep an unwanted Christmas present? My husband thinks I am mean. When I go to throw a gift way or sell it he says ” oh George gave you that..you can’t throw that away!” The problem is that after two years he agrees that we can finally get rid of the unwanted Christmas presents.

My children like turning over their christmas presents also. If they are not going to use it, they sell it and buy something they want.  Unfortunately I do not see anything wrong with this. Why be fake and say the gift is great when it’s clearly not. Why not appreciate the thought and move on. 

Why not sell you unwanted Christmas gifts and turn them into cash. If they are left in storage, soon they will be worth absolutely nothing! And all this because you feel guilty.

What about giving the gift to another friend?

Am I crazy or is there other people out there that do the same thing?


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    In Sydney we have a website called Freecycle where you can gift your surplus items to a happy home, and of course eBay calls to you as well (however, not so much success there lately with high costs and no bids).

    Also, think outside the square – a lightening damaged solar panel from a warranty claim went to a school rather than the bin (it looked fine just didn’t work because of junction box damage).

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      I am not happy with Ebay lately either and I would probably give the gift to someone else rather than try and sell it…No one has any money now days and things are hard to sell.. Unless you practically give it away.


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