Top 10 Tips on How to Save on Your Electricity Bills

Have you wondered why you are paying so much money for the electricity you use? You might feel that you are using less power and yet paying higher bills. If you’re in a situation like this, chances are certain things need to be checked in order to save on your electricity bills.

The following tips that can help you save on your electricity bills without compromising on comfort.

1. Consult an Eco-electrician

Talking to a professional electrician from with expertise in energy management for consumers can be a great step to cutting the amount of money you pay for electricity.

Maybe there is the need for you to change certain electrical appliances that consume lots of energy when in use, and replace them with those that do not. An electrician that specializes in energy management will be able to offer essential advice and ideas about that.

2. Keep a record

Take record of all of the electrical appliances that you utilize, and find out the year they were manufactured. There is the possibility that appliances that were fabricated several years ago consume a great deal of energy. Replace old electrical devices with new ones that consume less energy and have a better energy rating.

3. Maintain & regulate temperature

If you use a heater, regulate the temperature to 18-20oC in the thermostat. Your energy bill can be increased by up to 15% with every 1o increase in the temperature in the heating component.

4. Switch it off!

Turn every gadget…TV, DVD, games, PC etc. off at the power point when they are not being utilized. Leaving them on may account for up 5-10% of your electricity bill.

5. Keep it sealed

If you have cracks and holes inside your home, seal them up to decrease heat loss by 25%.

6.  Rethink it

Instead of trying to heat the entire house, only heat the part of the house that you are using. Close the doors to the rooms your not using and only heat the ones you are.

 7. Type of appliance

In summer, instead of using air conditioners, you will be able to cut the power bill significantly if you use fans. It is easy to find other ways to stay cool so start thinking.

8.  Keeping it cool

If you must use air conditioners, set the thermostat to 23oC or higher. But remember that every lower degree can add 10% to the cost of running an air conditioner.

9. Using Cold instead of Hot

While doing your laundry, use cold water instead of hot water. This will help cut off 80% to 90% in the costs of running your washing machine.

10. Think before you open

Decide on what you want to remove from your fridge before you open it. Leaving the fridge door opened while you are contemplating what to take from it consumes lots of power.

Take control of how you use electricity  to save on your power bills. By following the above tips, you may be surprised to see just how much of a reduction you have made in the cost of your next energy power bill. An added benefit is that you will also be reducing your footprint on the environment.

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