Stop Wasting Money – 10 Money Saving Tips For 2014

No one wants to waste money, however now days, we just can’t help it. Unfortunately all the progress and innovative gadgets we have in our everyday lives increases our living expenses ten fold. I continually find money wasting, cash guzzling things that I wish I had known earlier. Below I have listed a mere 10 […]

Things that entice you to spend more money

spend more money

Everywhere you go, there are temptations waving in your face making it sometimes very hard to resist an un-wanted purchase. You are literally surrounded with advertisements and gimmicks that try to entice you to spend more money. Holiday season spending The biggest and most advertised temptations are the special occasions that were originally invented to […]

How To Resist Peer Pressure When Shopping And Earn Their Respect

It is very difficult to control your urges to spend when going shopping with peers because they are the most influential people you know. You must realize that you can still earn your peer’s respect, even if you have a clear state of mind to completely control your personal finance, by also helping them to […]

New Years Resolution Stop My Children From Spending Money

My news years resolutions just fade away into no-where land, however I lowered my spending habbits in 2009 and now intend to do better in 2010. This a new years resolution that I think I can keep it. In 2009 I paid off about 15,000.00 worth of debt, not including the home mortgage so I […]

The Frugal Shopper’s Favorite Frugal Tip

Keep a positive attitude When you succeed at saving money you are helping yourself. Pat yourself on the back for meeting your goals. Remember that just because you have determined to live by a budget, does not mean that you are “cheap”. Be content with what you have Remember that you have so much more […]