Spending Money to Save Money

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Saving money isn’t as simple as sticking it in a hole and forgetting about it. Saving money is about understanding the difference between what you need, now and in the future, versus what you want, and prioritizing according to that simple model. It’s about getting as much as you can out of your money. By […]

3 Reasons Why You Can Save With a Multiple Line Insurance Discount

Most people today have one or even several different types of insurance to protect their cars, homes, life or even health. It might seem logical to shop around and try to find the best deals for each individual policy, ending up with four different plans at four different insurance providers. However, there are some steep […]

How to Tell if a Multiple Insurance Policy Discount Can Really Save You Money

For most people insurance is a necessity. Whether for the car, the home, your health or even your life, insurance is a monthly expense that is non-negotiable in most cases. The average person might see hundreds of ad each week on the television, and hear just as many on the radio. Each insurance company wants […]