Spending Money to Save Money

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Saving money isn’t as simple as sticking it in a hole and forgetting about it. Saving money is about understanding the difference between what you need, now and in the future, versus what you want, and prioritizing according to that simple model. It’s about getting as much as you can out of your money. By […]

Which Home Improvement Projects to Help You Sell at the Best Price?

You are thinking about selling your home in the next few months but want to make some improvements to maximize your resale price – Reborn Renovations homepage have amazing ides on the same. What are the best home improvement projects to do before you sell to get the best purchase offer? While no home improvement […]

How To Use Excel To Organize Your Tax Return For The Self Employed

There are countless benefits to being self employed, and plenty of good reasons to quit your day job and take up some kind of career that you can manage yourself. These include things like the ability to work from home or cafes in an environment you enjoy, the ability to work without a boss breathing […]

A Budget Reduction Inspired By a Chocolate Biscuit Humiliation

I don’t mind admitting that my family’s finances have taken a bit of a beating in recent times. As well as my salary hovering around 2002 levels and the price of everything constantly increasing, we have also been hit hard by some unexpected expenses. First of all there were the repairs to our old car […]