Kevin Rudds Christmas bonus went in the pokies?

If Mr Rudd gave a gambler $1000 do you think he would spend it on something to keep the economy going or would he pump it into the pokies. After reading this article, I could not stop thinking about a comment mentioned “how many people does it take to empty a pokie machine?” Great question. How can this Christmas bonus money stimulate the economy when a lot of it got fed into a pokie machines. Apparently they have statistics showing a hug spike in pokies earnings in the same month that Kevin Rudds bonuses were unleashed.

Therefore, wouldn’t a lot of that money go back to the government anyway? And with the increase in pokies takings, how many jobs did this create? I wonder if the worker emptying the pokie machine now needed someone to hold her hand while she unloaded the $20 and $50 notes from the machines?

I am in no way saying that everyone that got the 2008 Christmas bonus was a gambler and put the money straight into the pokies. Some people actually needed the money and spent it on Christmas presents for their kids, bills, and so on.

What did you truthfully do with your christmas bonus?

Allot of my friends bought a big screen TV with it. However if they were asked if they actually needed the money before it was handed to them, they most likely would have said no.

And no I have not heard of any other christmas bonuses coming for christmas 2009.  Sorry guys..

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