Why Are Homeowners So Scared Of Mold?

To those without direct experience with mold in a home, it can seem to be little more than slight nuisance. After all, we all have seen mold on food, and it does not seem terribly malicious. However, homeowners and real estate agents understand just how dangerous mold can be, those who have dealt with a mold infestation in the past will attest to how insidious and frightening it is. Here are some of the dangers of mold and why steps need to be taken to prevent it from infesting your home.

Mold Damages Wood

Much like how rust damages metal, mold causes damage to wood. Mold gets its energy by consuming wood, and it will slowly degrade the quality of wood over time. While most infections that are caught early can often be removed, those that are present for lengthy period of time can cause the wood to degrade so much in quality that it must be replaced. Further, mold spores can travel deep into to the wood, especially with bay of biscay soils which means that even a cleaned section of wood may be susceptible to invisible mold damage over time. While mold causes damage at a slower rate than termites, long-term infestations can lead to tremendous costs and danger.

Mold Is Resilient

Mold spores are invisible to the unaided eye, and they exist all around us. All mold needs is water and an organic substance, and a wet piece of wood will inevitably become home to a mold colony. This means that even those who have taken steps to remove all present mold are still susceptible to future infestations if they cannot remove all sources of water. Mold is everywhere, and those who are unable to completely secure their homes will be faced with future infestations.

Some Mold Is Dangerous

Will mold may seem innocuous, certain strains of mold have been conclusively linked to permanent neurological damage and respiratory problems. This damage may not go away once mold is removed, and people have had their minds severely affected because of untreated mold infestations. This is perhaps the greatest threat posed by mold; homes can be replaced, brains cannot. Those facing a mold infestation will want to remember that their health may be on the line, and prompt service should be used to prevent damage from accumulating.

Mold Is Expensive

The cost of Removing mold can stretch into tens of thousands of dollars but with https://www.puremaintenanceal.com/ you can find affordable services. Affected wood must be treated, and some of it may need to be replaced. Since the damage is often done in places that are hard to reach, it can be difficult for construction experts to replace infected components. In addition, mold that has affected structural elements of a home will cause the repair bill to spike considerably. Unfortunately, basements are common source of mold infestations, and basements are home to many of the structural components that keep a home secure.

More than a nuisance, mold is a dangerous agent that must be eliminated as quickly as possible. Homeowners are strongly encouraged to have regular mold inspections to prevent having to deal with massive infestations.

Tekoa Terrell is a certified home inspector at Ontario Home Inspectors. He is dedicated to making sure that homeowners live in a safe and healthy environment, and encourages current homeowners to take all measures possible to prevent mold from infesting their homes.

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