1. Teokotai Teariki says

    Teokotai:I have a money problem,yes i am not working,i have no money, and no food, so please can you help me.
  2. Ray says

    I have been short of cash for long time.
    I have to pay for my health insurance premium soon.
    My policy costs way over $5,000.00 a year and I
    don’t have the money.
    I thank you in advance.
    Best regards.
  3. Helen says

    I must say I’m not the least surprised by people’s reaction to the offer of free money! Of course they are suspicious because they think they would be walking into some sort of trap if they accepted the money. Either that or they suspect they going to be made to look a fool in some way. Usually when people stop you on the street they want something from YOU, not the other way round. Compare that reaction to if people say a banknote on the ground – I bet many would pick it up and pocket it pretty quickly.
  4. tieng says

    Hi, I’m currently just finish my high school and looking forward to go to photography college soon. Problem is I need money for me to finish my school and buy the equipment that I need. So I’ve create blogs and hope that it could make me some extra cash but it seem to go nowhere. Can you give me some idea so that I can make money from my blog… i really need money for my uni…
  5. tony saliba says

    hello i am 41 yr old and am so stressed that i find it hard to breath when ever i think of the near future i havent got money to buy anything for my children for chrismas and pay my morgage and we are living on 2 min noodles i was hurt at work so as unemployed shmuck i wish i could curl up and die
    • Joanna Baigent says

      Dear Tony,
      I hope someone helps you; I would if I could. You have to be strong for your family, & don’t wish that either! Something good will happen for you, be patient or say a prayer. Peace brother.

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