Gateway Toll Bridge Fine for Non Payment of Toll

In the year 2011 I believe that things are getting out of hand. My mother went through the Gateway toll bridge without paying the toll. She did not know where to pay the toll as it was an automatic system that had just been introduced. My mother always took $2.20 in the car with her when going through the Gateway toll bridge but this time there was nowhere to pay.
That did not worry her at all as she was prepared to pay the toll but just didn’t know how at the time.

A bill arrived from Queensland motorways for non-payment of the toll on the Gateway bridge. The toll had increased to $2.95, which was fair enough, however there was a $20 administration fee added to the bill. How could they possibly justify a $20 Administration fee?

They have automatic cameras that take pictures of all the cars that go through, and the ones that are non-paying a recorded automatically. The address of the registered owner of the vehicle is printed automatically onto a demand notice and then sent to the person. Queensland motorways has so much technology that they even sacked all of the toll bridge workers that used to collect the money. They have technology working for them yet they still have to charge a $20 administration fee.

Here is a screen shot of the fine. I am sorry to say that I believe that this is an absolute rip-off! Of course this isn’t the only rip-off that has hit my friends and family this year and I am going to start exposing them one by one.

QLD motorways toll fine

My warning to you is to make sure that you pre-pay your Gateway toll bridge toll. The funny thing is that it used to be $2.20 but if you go to a service station and pre-pay it will cost you more like five dollars. Unfortunately this service station owner has to take a cut to now. So the actual toll for the gate way works out to be nearly $10 for a two way trip. The rip-offs just continue.

So if you don’t go and prepay on the Queensland Motorways website, and you decide to pre-pay at a local service station, the charge is not $2.95 but more like $4.95. Everywhere you turn there is a fee added on and someone has to take their cut.


  1. Michelle Bowman says

    I think this is one of the biggest fiascos Ive heard of . !!!!! How rediculous what a totally stupididea the tollway to the Gateway bridge is now using. I laugh when I tink about it aas it must be causing havoc for whoever is trying to administer the toll and collect fines. I givveit a year or so befdore they revert back or put in a reasonable system. The government /has lost the plot. !!!!!!!!! Still LOL !!! LOL !!!

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