Friends and money – stop spending money because you can’t afford it!

I know myself, I like hanging around with people that have money and if you were honest with yourself, you would probably admit to this as well.

However you can get yourself in to real money trouble if you do not admit that you cannot afford to socialize with certain well off friends. They can probably afford to go to eat out in restaurants every night and stay in motels on the weekends but have you told them that you can’t.. Here are my tips to help you avoid this peer pressure and stop spending what you can’t afford.

Don’t go shopping with your friends – Sometimes my friends go shopping for no reason at all. Even if they did have an item in mind to purchase, they always end up buying a lot more. And I find myself spending money on things that I can’t afford and didn’t want because, at the time, we were just having fun. Therefore when a friend asks you to go shopping, make up an excuse, or say no. You will be much happier when you do not spend your hard earned money on junk you do not need!

When they are all out having fun, create your own fun – When all of your friends are going out to the pictures or maybe to a concert, which can cost a small fortune, do something to keep your mind off it. Don’t feel left out or lonely. Find another friend to watch a dvd movie with or to a social chat and nibble session. Remember that your friends are not ignoring you or leaving you out, they are just doing what they want to do.

Let your friends know that you are trying to stop spending money – This is a good way to resist peer pressure. Be honest, but don’t cry poor because no one likes a whinger. Just tell them that you are trying to save money, as this is a positive statement. Don’t tell your friends that they are sending you broke and that you feel pressured to keep up with their elaborate spending habits.

Plan events with your friends in advance that don’t involve spending money – You can invite your friends to a picnic at the beach, a bbq at your home, or even walk along the beach. This way you will get to see your friends on your terms, not theirs. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and spend money, because some activities can be pursued cheaply.

Get rid of your rich bludging friends – How do you think they got rich? You know those friends that you always end up paying for, or eat all your food, and never return the favor. Get rid of them! How are you ever going to stop spending money when they are around. I have a friend that just drops in for a minute and stays all day.

Gather at someone else’s house – Having people come to your house all the time can become expensive and makes a mess that you have to clean up later. Time is also money, therefore, saving time saves money. Instead of cleaning the house after the guests have disappeared, you could be doing something constructive. Share the weekly gathering venue around amongst your friends.

When they ask “Have you got one of these yet?” you say – Friends often say things like “have you seen the new gadget, are you going to get one?” Well why would I get one, as its just been invented and I have done without it in the past. In a year or so it will be so cheap that I could buy 10 of the same product for the price of one now. Sometimes my friends also mention that I might need a new car because it is not flash, by anyone’s standards. My answer is that I cannot have a new car because I do not look after them. (Which is true) The real main reason is that I cannot afford it and do not believe in getting a loan for a car. Why go out spending money on a new car when I will end up in debt up to my ears, and it will be wrecked within the first 12 months.

I am wondering if succumbing to peer pressure and spending money is related to keeping up with the Jones’s. Why do people want to spend money on items when they see that someone else has it. You can read my article on Why is everyone keeping up with the Jones’s.Who cares what your friends are doing. Stop going out to expensive places just because everyone else is. Real friends will respect anything that you decide to do.


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