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Contact me if you are interested in guest posting here on this blog. There is a detailed form below.

If you are approved please come back and watch this video carefully as the finishing touches will be your responsibility.


  • The information you are writing about must be researched and correct.
  • Over 500 words of original content.
  • I do not have time to correct grammatical errors and spelling on the article you submit so make sure you do it right the first time.
  • Read through some posts on this website to get an idea of what we expect.
  • Be interesting. Use a great metaphor, or tell a compelling story that will relate..
  • If approved you will be given access to the authors area. This means you are in charge of formatting your post correctly, including SEO titles, descriptions and tags.
  • All posts must contain at least one picture.
  • Posts laden with outgoing links amongst the content will be removed. You will be able to have two “dofollow” links at the bottom of your article or in the bottom half.
  • No links or pictures in the top half of the article.

Please Read Carefully: Once your article is published it is then the property of this website. Your link will remain intact and dofollow but we will not be revisiting any articles to edit links so think carefully about your anchor text.

Quality submissions only

*Is your article complete? Have you the covered the subject entirely?
* Is this the best this post can possibly be on this topic? Have you researched the topic?
* Is the post relevant to the audience of the of this website?
* Is it original and not be posted on the internet anywhere else? Duplicate content will be removed.

Formatting the article

* SEO Title, description, and tags.
* Header(s) and sub-header(s).
* Bullets or numbers.
* Some keywords bolded.
* Author bio. Fill it in!

Come back and visit

* Respond to comments made by the readers of the blog you’re guesting on. After all it’s your gig.
* Promote via social networks, much the same as you’d promote your own stuff. Put it in your newsletter and show your readers that others value your writing.
* Connect with commenters online and continue to build the relationship started on your guest post.
* Write a post on your own blog or website following the topic you started in your guest post and link to it.

If you are interested please send me your email address (must be registered at gravatar) and your preferred username.

Also I need to know where you will be linking to. No link building companies thanks!

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