How To Get A Home Office Tax Write Off

Few things are certain in life except for death, taxes, and losing an eBay auction at the very last second every single time. When the time comes to pay those taxes that are a certainty, many people who work from home overlook the ability to make a home office tax deduction. In the past, home […]

10 Tax Deductions You Never Would Have Thought Of

Filing income taxes are difficult, especially if you’re one of those people who want to do the paperwork yourself.  Sometimes tax preparers can cost a fortune, and doing your own tax returns means that you can take your time finding any and all of the little details that help you achieve a sizeable refund. However, […]

What expenses can I claim for with the Educational Tax Refund?

For each child that you have in Primary or Secondary school (up to the age of 25) you can claim your expenses on the following items: computers and laptops and the expense in repairing them and updating them; software to run on the computers – this includes word, excel, power point, adobe and virus protection; […]