Power4Home: A Solution for Energy

I have solar power installed on my home and it was incredibly expensive! BUT.. Well worth it too! Have you always been one of those people interested in installing and utilizing solar or wind power systems for your home? Perhaps you have but are afraid that such systems are a little expensive or complicated to […]

Can Solar Power for your Home Save you Money?

solar power for your home

The sun is projected to be the leading source of energy in future innovations.   That’s because of the many benefits that come with using solar energy.  The sun provides optimal efficiency by producing a never ending supply of energy.  The sun’s energy can also be stored for future use.   On top of that, it costs […]

Solar Power Rebate from the Australian Government 2011

The Australian government is still giving a rebate if you buy a solar power system in 2011. However things are about to change very soon. After July 1 the rebate will be reduced by up to $1200 for any systems installed after that period. Therefore if you are looking at buying a solar power system […]