64 Funny, Inspiring and Stupid Money Quotes From Famous People

People love quoting famous people. Whether the celebrity in question is a genius or not, we love a good sound byte. We’ve collected quotes from presidents, movie stars, philosophers, athletes, and even Paris Hilton on everybody’s favorite topic: Money. (See also: How Money Can Destroy Your Dreams) 1. “Early to bed, early to rise, keeps you healthy, wealthy […]

Saving money versus spending your money freely

Recently my niece’s 21 year old friend died in a car accident and my niece mentioned that he had already lived life to the fullest. He had inherited $120,000.00 and imediately started living like a king. He had no regrets, and as fate had it, he got to enjoy his money just in time. People […]

Laser eye surgery vs glasses – how do the costs compare in the long run

Contacts and Glasses

Health is an area where many people have the ability to tighten their belts. No one wants to be cheap when their and their family’s health is in question but there are a number of ways to save money in this area while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If this topic interests you, also check out […]