What can you do with leftover Shampoo, Conditioner and Soap

You are probably thinking, how scabby can you get? Well I always have plenty of leftover shampoo and conditioner because I can never find the right one for me. Some of them only do what they promise for a short time. With all these half full shampoo and conditioner bottles around, I needed to find […]

What Can You Use Baking Soda For?

Some people know Baking Soda as Bicarbonate soda or Bicarb. It is used for a million different things including cooking, cleaning, and deodorising. the other bonus is that it is also very inexpensive. Here a few of my favorite ways to use baking soda. Clean your bathroom. This is my favorite use for Bicarb soda. You […]

Homemade Natural Spray and Wipe – Save Money Cleaning

Making your own cleaning products can save you big dollars, especially a home-made spray and wipe because you can use it for almost anything. There is a cleaning product for everything now days, but do we really need them? I personally hate chemicals and especially the smell of the really strong ones, therefore I make my own cleaning supplies […]