5 Best Drunk Driving Awareness Videos

Over the past years, drunk driving related accidents have been decreasing and we give the credit to the increasing public awareness campaigns about the consequences and penalties associated with drinking under the influence. Despite this, Scott C. Nolan – DUI attorneys help with the drunk driving which still continues to be a grave problem. The 5 best drunk driving awareness videos will help you truly understand the risk of operating a vehicle in spite of having consumed too much alcohol.

The Australian city of TAC

Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission created a video as a montage of all the public service advertisements and announcements that they’ve done for the past 20 years. You can view the page here. These announcements and advertisements were aired in the effort to increase public awareness and lower down drunk driving cases. This video is very powerful and compelling although it includes graphic content.

Jacqueline “Jacqui” Saburido – True story

Jacqueline was a Venezuelan student who was taking a break from college. She came to the United States so that she can study English however, less than a month’s stay in Texas; she encountered an accident that changed her life forever. Jacqui made known her own disfigurement so that she can increase people’s awareness on DUI’s consequences with the help of DUI attorneys from Long Beach. This video created by Luca Lovisetto (music by Philip Glass) is dedicated to her story.

Nicholas Pardini- “Don’t Drink and Drive”

Nicholas decided to create and submit an entry to showcase his video-making skills. He ended being one of the winners in Edgar Snyder and Associates scholarship contest. The theme for the said contest was “Words to Be Heard” and Pardini, wanting to create something different and outside-the-box decided to make a video that educates teens on the dangers of drunk driving. His video was entitled “Don’t Drink and Drive.”

District Attorney, Gerry Leone announced the winner of the Teenage Impaired Driving PSA contest

The winning video entitled “Don’t Let Yourself Flat Line” was created by Ryan Palmer of Lowell High School. A total of 22 entries throughout the county were submitted for the contest. The said contest was the District Attorney’s project with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Middlesex Partnership for Youth, Inc. The project was started in an effort to create an encouraging dialogue so that teens can speak out against impaired driving.

High School students Jeremy Hawkes and Micah Johnson created a public service announcement

This video tackles driving under the influence of alcohol for other high school teens just like them. It’s a basic video that shows the aftermath of drunk driving.
By going through the 5 best drunk driving awareness videos, hopefully you’ll realize that it’s not all about you. Even worse than hurting yourself when you drink and drive is the possibility that you might injure or kill someone else. Don’t risk it because if you do, you might end up looking at spending the next 14 years of your life in jail. And by injuring or killing someone else, do you think this is something that your conscience can take for the remaining days of your life? So again, don’t risk it.

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  1. Randy says

    Jacqui’s story was the most catching video of all 5! I hope every country had DUI awareness like this. It will help promote awareness and might reduce the accidents related to DUI.

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