What Kind of a Friend Are You? Do You Spend Your Friends Money?

When saving money and watching what you spend can be hard when your friends are not on the same path. I have many friends and it amazes me that they all fall into some kind of category along with a certain personality type.

What kind of friends do you have and do they cost you money?

It’s not nice to categorize your friends and it is a bit like numbering them, but lets see which category your friends fall into.

Whinging friend

These type of friends are always hanging around whinging about how broke they are, trying to get someone to say, “don’t worry I’ll pay” Don’t fall for it. They are constantly trying to make people feel sorry for them. Get a job you bludger! There are plenty of ways to earn money. How about buying and selling junk? No? Beneath you hey? You would rather whinge!

Stingy friend

Won’t ever really fork out for anything. The one that seems to always fall through the cracks. When you out in a group they always get paid for or shouted by one person or another. Then the next thing you know they have a new $800 mobile phone. They have no problem with people paying for them, and will never offer to pay you back. They will just say thank you.. They think that is enough.

Shopaholic friend

Steer clear of this friend if you are trying to save money. They will entice you to go out to lunch or on a shopping spree and you will end up spending money. This disease is catchy, because it can be fun to spend money. Shopaholic also like to convince everyone around them to spend money too. This way they won’t be the only one.friends and family

Party animal friend

Happy go lucky person that seems to be having a full time holiday and party. As long as you only associate with this friend every so often, there shouldn’t be a problem. This friend doesn’t care whether you have money or not. They live for the day.

Al cheapo friend

This is the guy that comes to your house for a few beers but only brings one and stays till stumps. Then he comes around for a BBQ, brings sausages to contribute, and comes back to next day to pick up the ones that weren’t used. This guy also freezes his own ice in old ice cream containers and owns his own house.

The look good friend

This friend has to look good and spends most of their time by not only keeping up with the Jones’s but completely outdoing them altogether. This can get very exhausting when you have a friend like this..It is really hard to keep up with the latest and greatest phase they are going through.

Wheeler and Dealer

My friend Darryl is a wheeler and dealer and finds the most amazing bargains. It is almost like he sniffs them out. It often makes everyone jealous to see the bargains he gets, but then he tries to sell it to all his friends at double the price. We all know he has paid practically nothing for it, but we just shake our head, because that’s just Darryl. I always said that his hobby of “ripping his friends off” could easily turn into a business.

Unselfish friend

This friend will always give more than they will ever take. If you give them a cup of tea, they will give you two back. If you are like this and you have a friend the same, you will never have a problem. This person values your friendship and would never want to cost you money.

Which friend are you? I must confess I am a Shopaholic, party animal, unselfish friend.


  1. LIZ BRENNAN says

    If u put all these friends together u could come up with a good party animal. Let’s have a party with them, they sound like my rellys.

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