Ways To Save Money On Your Electricity Bills

Now days everything you do is expensive!! Even turning a light on can impact on not only your electricity bill, but also the environment as well. If you are interested in reducing your electrcity bill and wish to stop giving your money away unnecarily, then read on.

1. Standby Mode: We’ve all heard about the appliances around our houses, seeming to be turned off, but are actually still consuming electricity. Not only do you have to switch some appliances off, you also have to go to the extreme of unplugging the sneaky ones. Apparently some still use electricity even when the power switch is off.

2. Energy Efficient Light Bulbs: A compact fluorescent light bulb will save 60-70% in energy costs, and you’d have to be an idiot not to use them!! Another way to save on electicity is to turn the lights off that you are not using. It’s not rocket science.

3. Dishwasher: Even though dishwashers are now used because they actually save on water, they still use a great deal of power. Some dishwashers start with cold water and heat the water that is used for washing the dishes.

4. Air Conditioning: This can consume a huge amount of power as people become used to the false temperature it creates and forget they even have it on. Some offices have their air conditioners on everyday to control air temperature.

5. Pool Filter: This is a huge electricity guzzler. It is very important to have a timer on your pool filter to prevent it from being left on. You also have to perfect the amount of time the filter must run to keep the pool clean. Every hour adds up quickly. When we had our pool installed our power bill went up about $50.00.

6. Hot Water System: I don’t know much about how they work, but I remember turning a simple little switch that had two choices, day or night. I couldn’t believe the savings. You will have to investigate your own hot water system and find out the settings that are best for you.

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