Use Your God Given Assets to Make and Save Money

Being female, (I am told by my male acquaintances) means that I can get what I want by just wearing a skirt! I agree, to a certain degree. If you have a good pair of legs and a nice cleavage, you have a good chance of sending the male into a frenzy, and he’s likely to do almost anything for you.

I’ve got to say that we females are not much different, we also go a little ‘ga ga’ for a bronze, muscled hunk. Personally, I believe if you have these assets then use them. It can put money in your pocket and also save you money. By this I don’t mean you are sitting on your purse!!

However, if you walk into a shop and find yourself a male salesman, I guarantee a bit of charm and sex appeal will get you a better deal. So it might pay you to dress up a little before going shopping, put on that cheeky, flirty sex appeal that you may have forgotten that you had, and you will not only get a good deal, but it may even boost your ego.

Getting the best deal

Getting the best deal

If the circumstances were reversed, wouldn’t you want to give a charming male, with a sexy smile and flirtatious way, the best possible deal? We are all sexual beings, who want to be liked, and most of us will fall for a charming individual.

Of course some of us may not feel so young or flirtatious anymore. Like me, you could be an aging mother of three, but you can also use this to your advantage. Treat the young male or female salesman like you would your son or daughter. Show them warmth and charm and you never know that friendly motherly charm might just get you a good deal. We all respond to a friendly smile, and if it can win them over, we may get a better deal.

I have found it an advantage having 3 noisy children, as they seem to realize the sooner I’m served, the quicker we will get out of their shop and leave them in peace and quiet. So use those God given gifts to your full advantage. The friendlier you are, the more chance you will have of getting a good deal.

The same applies to those looking for work. Dress well, put on a friendly smile and try to act confident. You will have a far better chance of landing the job than the nervous, fidgety person who forgets to smile. Put on your hidden charm ladies and gentlemen. It’ll make you feel happier in yourself and its also likely to find that perfect job or get that better deal.

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