Use e-tax online to save money on Accountancy bills

E-tax is an online `tax pack’ program.  If you have ever filled out a paper income tax return then you will be fine to do it online.  Follow this link to download the program directly from the ATO.  E-tax form This is the 2009 e-tax (for the year July 2008 to June 2009). Make sure you use the link provide as there are other e-tax programs on this website that you will have to pay for.

There are also previous years available if you have not completed them.  It is important that you use the correct e-tax for the correct year as different rules apply.  For example if you used 2008 e-tax for 2009 it won’t have the Education Tax Rebate section to fill out – and we don’t want to miss out on any money!!

I have used e-tax for the last few years and my return has always arrived within 1 week!! E-tax will always tell you at least 2 weeks though.

E-tax has an online help window that will pop up and give you extra information on the subject.  This is very handy as it tells you what you can claim but it can also be confusing at the same time. When you go to a section, the help window might tell you to go to another section, and then another. Just stay focused and remember what question you are trying to finish.

I found it useful to copy a section that relates to something I’m unsure of but want to claim and paste it into a word document, save it as tax 2009 (or whatever year you are working on) and that way if you ever have to explain why you claimed something in your tax return you can look up the information easier (and it will jog your memory).  Remember that the Taxation Commissioner gives his guarantee that if you honestly make a mistake he won’t penalise you for it (you will still however have to pay the money back!).

E-tax is free and if you are a wage or salary earner and can only claim the $300 (no receipts necessary) this is the best way to go as, around my area this sort of return is $95 if you get an accountant to do it!! Why pay $95 when you are only claiming $300. If you do this e-tax online yourself you can have all your money to keep. Why waste it on accountancy fees!!

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