Unwanted iPhone or Mobile Device for a Gift? 5 Tips For Returning To The Store

Lots of people get iPhones, tablets, and other devices for the holidays. If Santa recently brought you an iPhone or a device that you did not want, all is not lost. You can still get rid of it (and maybe get something you would have loved to see wrapped up in ribbons and bows).

How To Return Your Device With Less Hassle

The number one tip is not to feel bad. It is better to re-purpose your gift or return it, rather than pretending you like it. Here are some tips to get a return or maybe even sell the unwanted item.

1) Keep It Neat

Do not open the packaging and keep the original box in the best shape possible. If the box is already opened, re-pack the iPhone or device as carefully as possible. Most stores allow you to return tech merchandise and phones if the item is unopened and in its original packaging. Opening and using the item may not only make it harder to return, but it can mean you will get less cash for the device if you decide to sell.

2) Place of Purchase

Find out where the gift came from. It would be great if gift-givers provided a receipt or gift receipt when giving iPhones, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. In the real world, this doesn’t always happen. You can always as the gift giver where they got such a great gift or look for clues on the packaging. If you know where the device comes from, contact the store to find out about their exchange and return policy. Do they offer store credit only? Is there a re-shelving fee? Do you need a receipt?

3) Return it Quick

Return the item as quickly as possible. In most cases, stores have a limit on how long you can wait before returning an item. Delay and you may lose out the option of getting rid of that unwanted device.

4) Be Patient

Bring ID and be ready for a wait. The return lines after a holiday can be hectic. Make sure you bring your patience and anything you need for the exchange. You don’t want to wait an hour only to find you cannot complete the return because you don’t have two pieces of photo ID.

5) No Returns – What Now?

Have a plan B. If you can’t bear to ask for a receipt or the name of the store where the smartphone or device was purchased, you likely can’t return the item. All is not lost. A brand-new device can be easily sold on eBay, craigslist, or speciality sites devoted to selling tech gadgets. You can then use the money to buy something you really wanted.

If you get an unwanted device such as a smartphone as a gift, be sure to smile and thank the gift-giver. Tech is always a great gift! You can always try to exchange or return the gift for something you really would enjoy. There’s no point in letting the device sit in a drawer gathering dust. Someone else will likely enjoy the device if you can get it back to stores or to another buyer.

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