Tips For Staying Organised While Moving House

Moving house is notoriously time consuming, and if not managed correctly can become incredibly stressful and difficult. Those who are about to move will want to focus on feeling happy about their relocation and now stressed about trying to pack up, empty your former home, and move on time. Avoid heightening the feelings of stress when moving by making sure that your move is structured and organised by following these useful tips.

Give Yourself Time

Moving house will always take longer than expected, so make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to pack up your belongings, transport them to your new home, and settle in to your new environment. Those that can should take some time off work to complete the move so that they don’t feel rushed to unpack their belongings, or end up living from boxes for longer than necessary.

Also, as moving can be tiring, both physically and emotionally, those who are about to move may benefit from having an extra day that can be purely focused on resting and making themselves comfortable in their new home as this will help them adjust to their new environment.


Plan for the Future

When moving, it is important to have a schedule and not just one that plans the days you spend moving, but spans at least two weeks from either side of your move. A calendar page, or detailed diary, should hold all the important dates surrounding your move. From contract signing, keys pickup, move day, and other important parts of your relocation, your schedule should also include general dates and tasks from your life, including work events, birthdays, children’s school dates, and other dates that can easily get overlooked once the move is underway.

With careful planning and making use of a calendar or diary, you can help yourself remember all the necessary things that need to be done before, during, and after your move and can set clear dates on which you feel they should be completed.

Use Appropriate Packaging

When planning your move, make sure that you have enough boxes and protective packaging to make sure that you can move all of your items at once, and also make sure that they are of appropriate size and sturdy so that they don’t break whilst being moved. For items such as clothing, suitcases are perfect, but for heavier items, and those that become heavy when grouped together, sturdier specially designed removal boxes are the best way to transport your belongings without harm.

Protect Your Assets

Everyone has items that are expensive, precious, or more delicate than the rest of their belongings that will need special care when being moved from one home to another. Whilst small valuable items may be able to be easily transported with care using the family car, larger and heavier items will need special care to be moved without causing damage.

For large, precious and valuable items it is best to think of safety and care and make sure that you use professionals to help with the transportation to prevent the possibility of damage. With a professional removal company who are experienced with moving antiques and other large items, you can protect your belongings and rest assured that the items will be moved without any problems.

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