Things that entice you to spend more money

Everywhere you go, there are temptations waving in your face making it sometimes very hard to resist an un-wanted purchase. You are literally surrounded with advertisements and gimmicks that try to entice you to spend more money.
Holiday season spending

The biggest and most advertised temptations are the special occasions that were originally invented to entice people to buy items. Christmas, Easter, Fathers Day, Mothers day, and Valentines Day are just a few I can recall. I am not saying that they are not celebrating worthy causes, however are they necessary. Most people feel obligated to buy Christmas presents for more than just their family. And now days the gifts people give are not small either. 

On Sale or a gimmick?

Sometimes, if you research your product, an item that says it is on special, isn’t actually a bargain at all. There is a huge sign saying that it has been reduced by 50%..People instantly ask themselves in their mind…”hmmm do I need one of those, because it is so cheap now, and won’t be the same price tomorrow.” Have you ever said that to yourself?spend more money

The supermarket isle.

Supermarket isles are stuffed with special price tags which over exaggerate how much you actually save. There are also items placed around and at the checkouts to satisfy your last minute impulse buying. Sometimes you can’t help but spend more money by purchasing a little magazine or maybe some breath mints. And those of us with children, it can become a nightmare to get your child to pass these items without wanting something.

How big are the shopping carts and trolly’s?

Big shopping carts are now in all the big department stores that sell everything from electrical to clothing and underwear. They are definitely there to entice you to spend more money, as some people do almost feel guilty for not filling it up with items. What are they implying?

Cash is available 24-7

Gone are the days, when you used to have to wait for the bank to open to get your money. Automatic Teller Machines scattered on the streets, in the shops and even the pubs, make it very easy to grab that extra bit of cash when needed. How easy is it to buy what ever you want and pay with a credit card or debit card. Who needs to have cash in their pocket when almost everyone has a card of some sort.

No wonder people spend more money than they have. I hope these simple facts will help you realise that you may not need what you are buying. Open your eyes to these misconceptions and you will save money easily.

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