10 Scams Going After Your Money

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Today, every penny counts! And that goes double for protecting your hard earned dollars from the numerous scams that are lurking around nearly every corner, trying to separate you and your cash. In the recent economic downturn, it seems that scammers have become more creative – and more plentiful! Once you’ve lost any amount of […]

You Do Not Have to be a Money Saving Expert to be Financially Free


What does being financially free mean to you?  For some, it means getting out of debt.  For others, it might mean being able to retire.  Some people are tired of slaving away at jobs that they hate so, for them, it means starting their own business.  There are multiple meanings for being financially free but […]

Realizing Santa Clause and His Unlimited Budget Aren’t Real


It’s that time of year again when we wait to hear the pitter patter of reindeer hooves on the roof and anxiously anticipate Santa Claus to slide down the chimney. Unfortunately, getting everything on Santa’s wish list can often prove to be expensive – and with today’s harsh economy, Santa’s gifts may be magical, but […]

Are You Getting Ripped off at the Gas Tank?


With gas prices so high and many people’s budgets hit hard by the recession, there’s nothing worse than the sneaking feeling that you’re paying more for your gas than you need to. Most people have already cut back in every area they can and are trying to drive their cars to be as fuel efficient […]

4 Driving Techniques To Save You Gas


As the increasing prices of gas show no sign of slowing down, and now more motorists are looking for driving techniques that will save their gas. Some go the extreme and make a sport out of covering the most distance using the least amount of gas possible. The best hypermilers manage to eke out every […]