4 Money Saving Tips on How To Identify Unnecessary Spending


When we spend money, we often class the expense into one of three categories: wants, needs and investments. While our wants and needs are often easily defined, our increasing tendency to classify spending as investments can sometimes lead to increased and potentially unnecessary spending. Ask yourself if you’re using the idea of investment as an […]

Invest in Gold Coins – Forget the Stock Market

invest in gold coins

Have you ever wondered why other people collect, sell, or buy coins; especially those made from gold? Some people think that is a waste of time and more importantly, money. Why buy gold coins when you are spending money for money?  Well gold coins are a way to own gold.  And rather than stocks which […]

10 Weird Ways to Save Money


Whether you’re broke college student, a struggling mom, or just a person who’s is trying to make, you’re always looking for ways to save money.   Here are ten more wacky ways to help you save money: Don’t go out of the house. This leaves no temptation to make purchases or spend money on car maintenance […]

Save Money on Home Improvement and Home Repair Costs


Save money on home improvement and home repair costs this year. There are several ways to reduce remodeling costs and to save money on home repairs. Learn more about why people are spending money on home improvements and best ways to save money.   Home Improvement Costs An Ongoing Expense For Many   Home improvement […]