Spending Money to Save Money

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Saving money isn’t as simple as sticking it in a hole and forgetting about it. Saving money is about understanding the difference between what you need, now and in the future, versus what you want, and prioritizing according to that simple model. It’s about getting as much as you can out of your money. By […]

5 Best Drunk Driving Awareness Videos

Over the past years, drunk driving related accidents have been decreasing and we give the credit to the increasing public awareness campaigns about the consequences and penalties associated with drinking under the influence. Despite this, Scott C. Nolan – DUI attorneys help with the drunk driving which still continues to be a grave problem. The […]

Why Save Money?

Why save money? There are plenty reasons to save money.  If you’ve been lucky enough to get by without having to save, you should start saving before that luck runs out and you find yourself in a bind.  Here are a few reasons why you should save money: Emergency fund It’s would be smart to put away […]