5 Ways To Stay Debt Free

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If you are worried about the temptation of getting into debt, then well done! You are clearly a responsible person trying to avoid the all too familiar pitfalls of borrowing. Today we are going to go through the 5 ways to stay debt free. 1.)  Understand what is “debt” Debt, like pain, is all about […]

How to Build a Nest Egg

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Sometimes I wonder if the age-old adage of  “the early bird catches the worm” wasn’t crafted specifically to refer to somebody’s or a family’s nest egg. Think about it—the folks who start saving for something early and diligently are most likely going to achieve their goal, whether it be enough money to put down on […]

4 Reasons it Doesn’t Always Pay to Spend More

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In today’s economy, there are lots of way to save money that keep you from spending more money than necessary. Even if you feel like you deserve to splurge a bit and buy something you might not normally buy, there are ways to keep yourself from overspending and stay within your budget. Reason #1 – […]

How to Save Money in Your Takeaway Food Business

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My husband and I own a convenience store/petrol station/takeaway food business. One of the biggest things, when running the business, is figuring out different ways we can save money or not waste it. The place is very busy and you can easily lose track of what you are wasting in your business. Every takeaway bag […]