A sneaky trick to help your children save money or delay spending


This trick is not really anything special. I actually made it up one day when I was fed up with my daughter just blowing all of her money on junk. I had to give her fifty dollars as a reward for getting an almost perfect school report, however I held it off as long as […]

SMALL Changes = BIG Savings

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With the economy as it is nowadays, people are looking for more and more ways to save. Following are few small changes you can do at home than can mean BIG savings for you. Start home cooking your meals! When did America become ‘fast food country’? Many of today’s moms (and dads) don’t even buy […]

How to Save Money at Christmas Time and Still Have Fun!!!


Most people presume that having fun at Christmas time involves having money, however it does not. In the good old days, fun was for free and you didn’t need to be rich to have a good time at Christmas. Here are some of my ideas on what to do: Get the kids to make Xmas decorations. Coloured paper at the local newsagent is still […]