The Probability Of Winning: Is Betting Worth The Gamble?

Many gamblers believe that they can beat the odds and secure a win thanks to their good luck or skills, but the truth is that you are very unlikely to be a winner when betting. The reason for this is simple: bookmakers, casino owners and lotteries wouldn’t be in the business if they didn’t turn […]

Falling Behind On Mortgage Payments? Don’t Panic

behind on mortgage payments

Falling behind on mortgage payments is not fun but unfortunate reality of life is that changes will occur. Illness happens, jobs get lost, unexpected expenses arise. All of these circumstances and more can cause homeowners to fall behind on their mortgage payments. But although change in our lives may be inevitable, banks and other establishments may […]

Getting The Ball Rolling For An Elementary School Fundraiser

saving money collecting cans

If your school is planning a fundraising campaign, kick off the project right with a school assembly.   When the students become excited, the enthusiasm becomes contagious, especially if the students know their goal is to raise enough money for extra computers or cool playground equipment. As your ideas begin to gel, keep in mind a […]