How to Rent a Home with Poor Credit


Landlords usually check potential tenants’ credit scores before renting properties. They want to know if future renters are able to meet financial obligations. If you are searching for rental properties, having a financial history filled with defaulted and missed payments could hurt your chances. As such, a landlord could select somebody else to rent a […]

5 Things To Consider Before Letting Your House Out


The rental market is stronger than ever at the moment as it takes advantage of the weak buying market. With people either unable to afford their own home or home owners reluctant to settle for a lower value when selling, it really is a landlords market at the right now. If you’re thinking of letting […]

Rent a room out in your house to make more money


If you have a spare room in your house and you think you can stand putting up with someone else’s habits, then by all means, rent it out. You could make $50 to $100. That can help boost your income and give you a steady start to saving money. If you just have a shed […]