How to Rent a Home with Poor Credit


Landlords usually check potential tenants’ credit scores before renting properties. They want to know if future renters are able to meet financial obligations. If you are searching for rental properties, having a financial history filled with defaulted and missed payments could hurt your chances. As such, a landlord could select somebody else to rent a […]

Avoiding Your Financial Kryptonite


Whether you’ve always had a budget, just started to budget, or think “budget” is a scary word, you probably have at least one financial weakness.  We all do.  We’re only human, after all, and money management doesn’t always come naturally.  We don’t always want to use our money sensibly, so sometimes we don’t. Saving money […]

How to Save Money Without Sacrificing a Lot


Who can’t use a few extra dollars in this economy? Many have seen the Extreme Coupon shows that have recently aired, or may have noticed retailers advertising big sales more often. Some television series show you how to cook for your family for just a few dollars, while others will show you how to buy […]

3 Reasons You Should Start Saving Now


Personal finance is an important aspect of life. This entails investing, buying houses, saving money, applying for loans and and using credit cards. These things can make life more convenient, save you stress & improve your spending power, but can also cause you serious problems. Thanks to the recession, people have found themselves in need […]