Money Saving Tips for Kids and Why is This Not Part of Our Education System?


Learning to manage money is one of the most important lessons parents can teach their children, but many kids are growing up without learning why it’s important to save money or how to do it properly. Why are so many children failing to learn about finances? And why aren’t the schools stepping in and helping […]

New Years Resolution Stop My Children From Spending Money


My news years resolutions just fade away into no-where land, however I lowered my spending habbits in 2009 and now intend to do better in 2010. This a new years resolution that I think I can keep it. In 2009 I paid off about 15,000.00 worth of debt, not including the home mortgage so I […]

20 Recipes for Homemade Art Supplies


This article is for all the moms, dads, grandparents and childcare providers who are trying to stretch their dollars and still provide fun activities and supplies for the children. Below you will find 20 recipes for homemade art supplies including play dough, modeling clay, paint, slime, goop, glitter, sidewalk chalk, papier-m?ch? (paper mache) and multi-colored […]