Ways To Save Money On Your Electricity Bills


Now days everything you do is expensive!! Even turning a light on can impact on not only your electricity bill, but also the environment as well. If you are interested in reducing your electrcity bill and wish to stop giving your money away unnecarily, then read on. 1. Standby Mode: We’ve all heard about the […]

5 tips to save more money on petrol costs!!


The price of Gas, Petrol, and diesel has skyrocketed in 2008. This has really got everyone thinking of new ways to save fuel. Not everyone has the luxury of driving around in a solar powered car. The number one way to save money on petrol costs would be to simply stay home. I don’t mean […]

How To Reduce Your Gasoline or petrol Costs by 50%

petrol costs

Consumers are getting crushed by the soaring cost of gasoline here in the US. Prices are increasing almost daily and people’s budgets are stretched to the limit. However, there are a number of things that you can do to combat these wicked price increases. Following are some proven techniques that can reduce your gasoline costs […]

How to Stop Your Computer Wasting Electricity


Computers and Televisions are the most widely used household electrical items. Save a bit of money by saving electricity.speed up Windows to invigorate old computers. You can have dramatically more PC speed today from your slow computer. I regularly use Skype to keep in touch with my friends and family. Recently I noticed that almost […]