Carpet Cleaning Myths Debunked


Carpet is a sizable investment. Therefore, it is important for carpet owners to have their carpets cleaned professionally on a regular basis to protect their investment. However, this is often impeded by the various carpet cleaning myths circulating around. Below, you will find some of the most common carpet myths debunked. Myth #1: Carpet Looks […]

Are We Pricing Ourselves Out Of Existence? Why An Average Salary Is not Enough In 2013

money doesnot stretch

With the economic crisis in full swing, property prices remaining stable or rising and levels of unemployment becoming higher by the second as the cost of living increases, are we pricing ourselves out of existence as a society? More and more families in the UK are struggling than ever before with everyday expenses such as […]

Top 7 Food Myths Revealed

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Despite the research that nutritionists, doctors and dieticians have done, there are a few food myths that have proven not to affect people the way we initially thought. Understanding these food myths gives you more control over creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 1.Extra sugar should be always be avoided The trick about managing sugar […]

Private Label Groceries Becoming Brands Of Their Own

Black and gold food

Most price-conscious consumers choose to buy generic groceries to save money. But gone are the days when you’d buy a bag of potato chips in a plain white bag with basic black lettering. Today, those white bags don’t exist (for the most part), and most generic products are packaged in accordance with a private label’s […]