Avoiding Your Financial Kryptonite


Whether you’ve always had a budget, just started to budget, or think “budget” is a scary word, you probably have at least one financial weakness.  We all do.  We’re only human, after all, and money management doesn’t always come naturally.  We don’t always want to use our money sensibly, so sometimes we don’t. Saving money […]

10 Tax Deductions You Never Would Have Thought Of

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Filing income taxes are difficult, especially if you’re one of those people who want to do the paperwork yourself.  Sometimes tax preparers can cost a fortune, and doing your own tax returns means that you can take your time finding any and all of the little details that help you achieve a sizeable refund. However, […]

The True Cost of Impulse Buys

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There is no denying that buying new things for yourself or others feels great…kind of like a therapy… However, the true meaning of therapy is ongoing benefit and while impulse purchases make you feel good at the time, they can make you feel worse later. This is often because when you make a purchase on […]

10 Tips for Saving Money Using the Internet


Although billions of dollars are spent each year over the Internet, you can actually use the Internet to help you save money. While some people shop for the latest fad when they shop online, many others have learned how the Internet can lower their bills and keep shopping expenses down as well. Let’s look at […]

Save You’re Hard Earned Money – 5 Tips To Control Your Expenses

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It should be everyones goal to save money throughout their lives. Earing a dollar is not always easy and you should always think twice when parting with this hard earned cash. Who said money doesn’t buy you happiness. I am never happy when I have bills to pay and no money to pay them. Therefore we […]