Money Saving Tips for Kids and Why is This Not Part of Our Education System?


Learning to manage money is one of the most important lessons parents can teach their children, but many kids are growing up without learning why it’s important to save money or how to do it properly. Why are so many children failing to learn about finances? And why aren’t the schools stepping in and helping […]

4 Money Saving Tips on How To Identify Unnecessary Spending


When we spend money, we often class the expense into one of three categories: wants, needs and investments. While our wants and needs are often easily defined, our increasing tendency to classify spending as investments can sometimes lead to increased and potentially unnecessary spending. Ask yourself if you’re using the idea of investment as an […]

A Positive Pregnancy Test Means, “Start Saving for College!”

Graduating Friends by blakeamick

Begin saving and investing for college the minute your doctor confirms you are pregnant with your first child. Although the advice may sound like a very unfunny joke, financial planners and college admissions directors agree that college preparation begins in the womb. If you have a child today and college costs continue increasing at their […]

Become a good money role model for your children


We all know children are not born knowing how to handle money. We need to teach them. Everything we do and say is being recorded by a child’s brain. They are always watching their role models and pick up similar traits and habits. If you cannot manage your money, then how do you expect your […]