How to improve your credit score

Finding a home loan today might be much harder than ever before the housing disaster following the recession. For instance, many deposit assistance applications need a bare minimum credit rating of 620-640. The good thing is that your credit status might be improved upon and credit ratings raised. It is possible to fix your credit […]

3 Things That Are Making Solar Power More Affordable

There are some pretty exciting things happening in the solar energy world. We all know how much solar energy can save on using up our planet’s valuable natural resources. We know that solar energy is an amazing form of renewable energy. But we also know that solar energy, at least in the past, has been […]

How To Opt Out Of Credit Card Junk Mail

Debt – a four-letter word if ever there was one. So easy to get in to and so very difficult to get out of. Credit card companies make it especially simple to get yourself in over your head by sending out pre-approved applications touting fabulous terms. This can be nice if you are just starting […]

Fraudulent Activity Involving the E-pay Terminal

Recently we have seen fraudulent activity involving the e-pay terminals! These are terminals that allows stores to sell mobile phone credit. Luckily most store owners have read warning information that had been published in the August . This information was provided by e-pay to help you prevent fraudulent issues. Avoid Fraudulent Activity Involving the E-pay […]