Compare, Barter And Slash


[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”144954178X” locale=”us” height=”350″ src=”” width=”233″]With temperatures always a little low across the UK, many households who are already struggling to meet the constantly rising cost of domestic heating may be rightly feeling that the only thing that is not freezing solid is their bank account.  While pay freezes and opportunities for overtime are […]

Getting The Most Out Of Your Home Insurance Claim


Insurance ranks as one of the only products you’ll ever purchase with the hopes that you never have to use it. This becomes especially true when purchasing homeowners insurance. Unlike a car that can be easily replaced, a home can hold a lifetime of memories that no amount of money restores if lost. Yet despite […]

Tips For Teaching Your Daughter How To Drive


I consider myself to be a good driver, but I moved to the city because I don’t particularly like to drive; the availability of public transportation here is more to my liking. My family, on the other hand, still lives in the ‘burbs where driving is an absolute necessity. My niece, Jane, is six years […]

Your Short-term Loan Options with Poor or No Credit History

no money

Stricter finance rules were enacted after the 2009 recession. It is now exceedingly difficult for average people to access bank loans even for secure loans backed by collateral, such as a mortgage or auto purchase. Even credit application rules have become stricter, which leaves many people with little recourse in a market based on credit. […]