Top Money Saving Tips for Good Financial Freedom


In order to have a smooth and stress free life, it is important to have sufficient finances that will enable a person purchase the necessary items. However, financial obligations always seem to outweigh the inflow of cash consequently posing a challenge when it comes to controlling expenditure. This has led to more people keeping the […]

Gold And Money Through The Ages

Back when the economy was booming, we loved to hear about cash for questions and cash for honours. Nowadays, cash for gold answers most questions and honour is priced right out of the market. Civilisation has had a long relationship with gold – from the tangible shiny stuff found by cavemen in the ground, to […]

Who can claim the Education Tax Refund?

You can claim the Education Tax Refund if the following applies to you: the Family Tax Benefit Part A was received by you for your children that are attending school (primary and secondary only, not tertiary). Basically if you and your partner are receiving under $100,000 combined income you are entitled to Family Tax Benefit […]