How To Redecorate The Sustainable Way

sustanable living

Over the last ten years, we have seen a huge increase in the amount of people who are making an effort to try sustainable living.  Rising energy prices, concerns about global warming, and the increase in the availability of recycling facilities in most parts of the country have all contributed to the increase in awareness […]

The Worst Personal Finance Advice


Often it is hard to tell bad advice until after you’ve followed it, however when it comes to your finances you can’t afford to follow advice in the hopes that it will be good – you have to know before you take the advice whether it is bad. When it comes to the worst personal […]

Do you have a money box?


In the good old days nearly every household had a few money boxes hiding on their shelves around the house. However now days, in the wake of a cashless society, having cash around and accumulating coin change has become rare. If there is loose change around my house my children quickly snap it up for […]