In The Kitchen: A Recipe For Cutting Electricity Consumption

Modern Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important places in the house where energy efficiency can make a big difference.  There are many little ways to cut down on electricity use, but collectively these thoughtful steps add up to some sweet savings when the electric bill arrives.  Like any recipe, follow each step and the […]

Are We Pricing Ourselves Out Of Existence? Why An Average Salary Is not Enough In 2013

money doesnot stretch

With the economic crisis in full swing, property prices remaining stable or rising and levels of unemployment becoming higher by the second as the cost of living increases, are we pricing ourselves out of existence as a society? More and more families in the UK are struggling than ever before with everyday expenses such as […]

How downsizing your house can save you money in the long run

cubby house

Many people are trying to save money in every way that they can. People are taking shorter trips, taking less time off, even cutting their lunch breaks short so that they can seem like they still have the same drive and fire for their jobs that they once had. It’s a little backwards because in […]

Homemade Natural Spray and Wipe – Save Money Cleaning


Making your own cleaning products can save you big dollars, especially a home-made spray and wipe because you can use it for almost anything. There is a cleaning product for everything now days, but do we really need them? I personally hate chemicals and especially the smell of the really strong ones, therefore I make my own cleaning supplies […]