Stop Wasting Money

Everybody has the heard the old familiar saying that bills travel twice as fast as paychecks, well I’d like to expand that and say bills for a treadmill travel three times as fast as my paychecks. Yes, my wife was up to it again saving $300 dollars on a treadmill that was originally priced for $700. Sure it’s a great deal BUT YOU STILL SPENT $400! The key to stop wasting money is to evaluate a purchase and make an honest assessment in your head as to if it’s entirely needed.

Speaking of running, some people may be running on empty when it comes to accumulating a surplus of money in their bank account. If there’s an ample of amount of money on the import side, the problem of lack of money stems from too much cash being doled out and thus wasting money.

A treadmill is a great purchase if it is actually used to lower calories, improve self-esteem, and promote an overall healthier lifestyle. If what you’ve just unloaded ends up being a $400 clothes hamper used only on New Year’s Day for the next 5 years its considered a waste of money.

In order to stop wasting money, you’ll really need to evaluate the worth of every purchase, from a $400 tread mill down to a $4 Super Duper Latte. If the benefits of buying an item outweigh the negatives of the money being shipped out then you’re less likely to experience buyer’s remorse.

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