Does Installing Solar Power Panels Really Save You Money?

When I was first thinking about getting solar power panels on my house, I searched the Internet all over, to see if solar power panels really work? I could not find a straight answer anywhere and I was very confused about buying solar power.

There were many people around me, telling me not to buy solar power panels, because it would take years to recuperate the money. I had a lot of negative people that really didn’t know what they were talking about, telling me that solar power was a waste of money.

So here I am, with solar power on my house, and ready to give you a real example of what it has done for me.

What did my power bill cost before I got solar panels installed?

Before I got my solar panels installed on my house, my pal Bill was approximately $600 per quarter. This is quite large as our house has a few computers running all the time, a few TVs, some freezers for the business, and a swimming pool filter. When I spoke to the solar power sales person, he stated that I would need a 4 kW system or 5 kW system to cover this power bill.

A 5 kW solar Power system was out of my price range, but I ended up with a 4 kW system that could be upgraded to a 5 kW system. This means that I had 4 kW worth of solar panels on my roof, and a 5 kW inverter.

My brother installed 1.5 kW solar power system on his house and it more than covered his bill because their power costs were so low. His power bill was something crazy like $120 a quarter.

Did my 4 kW system cover my power bill?

I was worried about this the whole time. What if I had spent all of this money buying a solar power system to install on my house, only to find that it did not cover my power bill. Well I have another story about that. The fact is, I do not know if it covers my power bill yet, because we have had a breakdown that set us back.

So my power bill was $600, and in the first quarter it dropped to $400, in the next quarter it dropped to $200, but then the inverter broke down. I was on my way down to covering my power bill when we had this problem and had to wait for a new inverter to be installed. Luckily we had a guarantee on the whole system.

Unfortunately, now I need to start from the beginning again and work my way down to get rid of this bill. The other bad thing is that we are coming into winter now, so I am not going to get the great sunlight that I was getting in summer.

How many Kw does my system accumulate every day?

As I stated it, I have a 4 kW system and in summer I was getting up to 18 kW coming in a day. Now that it is winter I am down to 10 kW per day. I guess this depends on the position of your panels as well, as it was really hard to decide where to put my panels on my house. They were meant to be facing North East but that didn’t work out for us.


  1. Ben Johnson says

    Over here in they’re really starting to crack down on solar panel grants and the amount you get back for selling your electric back to the board. In fact, it’s becoming less and less worth it, having said that I’m still looking around for a good deal and if I find one I might just get them for my home.
  2. Blas Valenzuela says

    I am amused at some vehicles that are powered by solar panels.. Not only it will save on gas, but it can also help protect our environment by releasing no smoke by these vehicles. We must think on alternatives how we can help save our environment..

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