SMALL Changes = BIG Savings

With the economy as it is nowadays, people are looking for more and more ways to save. Following are few small changes you can do at home than can mean BIG savings for you.

Start home cooking your meals!

When did America become ‘fast food country’? Many of today’s moms (and dads) don’t even buy whole chickens now because of all the ‘work’ involved in cutting and preparing them. If they even know how to cut a whole chicken!

The point is, when it comes to food, it’s all about ‘instant’ and ‘ready-made’ meals that get served on dinner tables today. As such, start home cooking your meals! Get back to basics and enjoy REALY food. Not only will this be healthier for your family, it will be way more cost-effective too.

Shop wisely.

First of all, don’t go shopping on an empty stomach. Next, make a grocery list of things you do NEED and intend to use over the week. This will prevent over buying and throwing away spoiled food at the end of the week.

Tone down the cleaning products at home.

Do you really need every type of cleaner under the sun for your home? Actually, a few years ago, I already switched to good old fashioned VINEGAR to clean my kitchen and bathroom because I was getting headaches each time I used those power cleaners.

Just buy a bottle of cheap vinegar, transfer it to a container with a spray nozzle and add some water to it. Others prefer more water than vinegar in the mix but I prefer a ratio on 3 parts vinegar, 1 part water.

Other au naturel products I use for cleaning are salt and baking soda! I also use leftover orange peel to freshen up my home, instead of buying expensive deodorizers.

Cut down laundry detergent use.

A couple of weeks ago I read some articles (here and here) about how we use WAY TOO MUCH laundry detergent in our wash cycles. Well, I heeded the advice and for the past month, I’ve cut my laundry detergent use by 50% and yes, I have NOT seen any negative results on my wash!

Live healthier.

It costs a lot to get sick nowadays… so all the more reason to start living healthier.

Stay away from junk food and start cooking and eating real food as mentioned above. Instead of chugging down liters of soda, invest in a juicer and start drinking freshly squeezed orange juice every morning. Start exercising even if long walks are all your time can afford. Start to live healthier and you’ll spend less on ‘maintenance’.



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