SAVING MONEY Tips – Who said money doesn’t buy happiness?

 “Who said money doesn’t buy happiness?” Whoever said this sounds like they had just come into some money. I have to disagree with this statement, however not totally. Mind you, this is a hard subject to evaluate when there are so many situations to consider.

Having no money at all:

Money could buy you happiness if you won lotto just before you were about to declare bankruptcy. If you have bills to pay then money to pay them is going to put a smile on your face. That is true in anyone’s language. But what about the people that have nothing as in possessions and worldly goods but have all they need. If you do not need money to survive, then you do not need it to make you happy in life. If you need food to survive then food will make you happy. That is enough.

Having loads of money:

People with loads of money usually end up not appreciating what they have in life…the flowers, their family and friends. The small things are not important and they miss the essence of life. This is not always true of course. We look at rich people and wonder why they are not happy? What is wrong with them? The ones that have money and are happy, we are seriously jealous of.

Enough money does buy happiness:

This is my theory. If you need $20 a week for your expenses and you can easily earn that, being happy that you are getting through life can be enough for you. Even people that need $900 a week to pay bills and household expenses can be happy if they can handle that. Its when you can’t get enough of what you need. That’s when your life becomes stressful. If you need money to buy food then you will be happy to get money to buy food.

The money you HAD doesn’t buy happiness, its the money you HAVE right now that can make you happy. It is depressing when you have wasted your money and it is a great ahcievement when you have saved it.

How do we get to the stage where we are content with the money we have?

Why can’t we earn what we do now and spend like we used to when we didn’t have money. It seems that when you first start earning money it seems like a huge amount, but it gets smaller and smaller over the years. I am not talking about inflation, but in actual fact I am talking about money in relation to need. More of our wants turn into needs and therefore we need more money to survive. Instead of renting a house within our budget, we decide we deserve better, and go for something out our price range. If we had stayed in the smaller house we could have been saving money, but now we are scratching to pay the monthly bills.
In later life when you earn more money, most people seem to spend it too.  We live up to our earnings and we do not think about the consequences.
Keeping money in your pocket makes you happy. Spending money does not.
What’s your opinion?

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