Saving Money by Buying Unwanted Gift Cards

I thought that saving money by buying unwanted gift cards would not really work out to be that great a benefit. However if you have the chance to buy and unwanted gift card, one from a store that you are going to spend money at any way, then of course you can save money that way. Obviously if you did not intend to spend the money, then buying unwanted gift cards for no apparent reason is not a good idea if you are trying to save money.

The question puzzles me is, “why do people give other people gift cards in the first place?” We all must know that most of the time a gift card is seen as a thoughtless present. It is something that you give someone when you cannot think of what to buy. Seriously, why can’t people just hand the cash over? After all, they are spending the money anyway. People actually appreciate money rather than a gift card as the money can be freely spent anywhere they choose. I guess this is why there are so many unwanted gift cards out there to buy.

Gift cards to save money

saving money with gift cards from Ebay

gift cards

if you are one of those people that buy gift cards for presents, maybe you would also like to recycle your birthday cards and give that to the person as well.

How to use an unwanted gift card to your advantage

Here is a good idea on how to use an unwanted gift card to your advantage. Just say you have a layby at Myers and you had three months to pay off. This means that you have three months to go and search for a gift card that someone is trying to sell. You could save yourself $50, or sometimes even more, if you are in the right place at the right time.

Where to buy unwanted gift cards?

People often advertise their unwanted gift cards on eBay and also in free classifieds newspapers. The unwanted gift card industry is becoming huge as eBay is proof of that. There are hundreds of listings for unwanted gift cards and you have a huge choice of different price ranges from different stores.


  1. Calendars says

    You can buy discounted gift cards, getting you more for your money. You can also sell a card you have received or exchange it with someone else that has one you want. This gives you numerous options and reduces the worry that you are going to give or receive something that is not wanted.
  2. says

    I’ve thought about selling gift cards before – you know the ones you get to stores that you never really go to. never really thought about buying gift cards but i suppose it makes sense if you buy the ones that are for shops that you regulalry go to. great tip!

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