Saving money at the movies

We all like to treat ourselves and watch a movie on the `Big Screen’ but it costs so much more than waiting until it is on DVD.  Cinemas have lots of different deals to get us to watch the movie at their cinema and one I want to share with you is Cinebuzz from Birch, Carroll & Coyle (now Event Cinemas).  Being a Cinebuzz member you get 100 points and then you get a free movie, and for August you only needed 50 points to get a free movie.  So for every movie you see you get 10 points, but there is a catch!!!

If you take your family to watch a movie `flash’ your Cinebuzz card you will only get 10 points, even if you are buying 4 tickets so give each of your kids money and get them to buy their own ticket – this will be tricky since you now have to book a seat (you could do it online separately but it does cost an extra $1 per ticket) but once you have your first ticket picked you can tell the kids where to ask for a seat!

The next catch is they have every week (Thursday to Wednesday) a movie that is only $9 on special but you can only buy 2 tickets per card you have – so if there is 3 of you you can’t get 3 for $9.  So then again you need to pass your card to another in line when you are finished!

The next thing is they are offering a code (different for each cinema – the one I have is for Morayfield-  MSMOR1179).  If this code is entered into your details account you can get your movies at a discounted rate (at the moment $11 for adults, $9 for kids until 31/12/2009).  But I found that since I live out of the area my postcode wouldn’t work to get the discount and I had to pay full price!!  To fix this I had to change my postcode to that of Morayfield’s and guess what??  It worked!! I didn’t change my suburb, just my postcode!!

Best of luck and I hope you too will be able to see a free movie soon (it is about time that they introduced something like this!!)


  1. mitz says

    I love the way you think Mikelle. I would never have thought of these little tricks to use. Maybe I could afford to go to the movies after all.
  2. Felicia says

    That’s funny you have mention that last one. I did the same thing you did. It wouldn’t except my postcode and wanted me to pay full price on the movie tickets. That’s discrimination. So I changed my postcode and got the discount. I must live in the wrong suburb. lol
  3. Sarah says

    I actually got a cinebuzz card for each of my family members, that way we are sure to get the points. Be careful though last time I went to the movies (even though they scanned my card) they tried to charge me full price. When I questioned them about it they apologised and charged me the cheaper price – gotta be on your toes

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