Save You’re Hard Earned Money – 5 Tips To Control Your Expenses

It should be everyones goal to save money throughout their lives. Earing a dollar is not always easy and you should always think twice when parting with this hard earned cash. Who said money doesn’t buy you happiness. I am never happy when I have bills to pay and no money to pay them. Therefore we need to be careful with the money we have and make sure we have enough to keep us happy. Here are some quick tips to help you save money.

  1. Write down your expenses, day by day – If you could actually see what you are spending everyday then it might shock you into not wasting so much money. If all the expenses are written on a board on the wall it is even worse. This is a real eye opener that everyone needs to do.
  2. Never go shopping on an empty stomach – If you go shopping  with starving stomach then you will end up collecting extra junk foods that you may not have bought if you were not hungry. Everything looks good when you are hungry. We all know what it feels like. Even if you are thirsty you start buying lots of drinks. Fill yourself up before you go shopping and you will save loads of money.
  3. Make a list of errands before you leave the house – This is good because you will go by a planned path and save your petrol and travel expenses. If you have not decided where to go then you will end up going in circles and wasting your time and money. If you stick to a plan it will also stop you from making unshedualed visits where you could spend more money.
  4. Limit the number of cleaning products you use – Many people use different types of cleaning products for different appliances and devices which is not a good idea but only waste of money. It is better to use natural cleaning products and save your money. Cleaning products are a rip off. We do not need them at all. Try vinegar and bi card soda for cleaning the toilet and bathroom, water, eucalyptus oil and dish washing liquid for spray and wipe, and more…
  5. Look out for a free car wash – There are several service stations that provide free wash for cars if you spend a specified amount on petrol. This sounds a bit scabby but I pay for water where I live. Washing the car can take a lot of water and if its for free then why not use it. Just make sure the price of the petrol isn’t jacked up to compensate the free service.

I personally like writing down the expenses on a board on the wall for the whole family to see. My children will not ask for money if they see that I have already spent huge amounts of money that day. It works a treat! This method is also good for seeing those hidden expenses that you forget about and just pay. You will be able to see where to cut down and stop wasting money.

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